A competition from YAC (Young Architects Competitions)
It was a unique opportunity to think about what solitude and isolation represent to the human being and, at the same time, how to intervene in an architectural landmark full of history – the Fortress.

From the beginning we were looking for the great idea. The one that could – with one single gesture – provide a new atmosphere of the place. This gesture was the placement of a slab between the mountain and the fortress, this way, confining all the spaces in a new organism.

This pure geometric volume contrasts with the irregular shape of the fortress, as if it was a podium for a sculpture – it’s only purpose is to give conditions for inhabitation. The architecture ceases to exist.

The only way up the fortress is an old path that was left untouched in accordance with the idea of minimal intervention on the landscape. Therefore, it is up to the invited artists to rethink the notion of landscape and introduce a link between past and present, Nature and Art.




A competition from YAC (Young Architects Competitions)
Services: Concept & Design, 3D Design, Visualisation
Size: 2.700 sqm
Location: Favignana (Sicily)