Black Yak

The new BLACKYAK collection for 2017/2018 was presented in Munich at the ISPO in February 2017. The mountain elements with their high brand recognition were used once again as a central feature of the design. The stand, measuring 10 meters wide and 21 meters long, was divided into three functional areas. Selected items from the collection were shown in abstract mountain elements within the exhibition space.

Through the positioning and selection of materials on the displays, fair visitors were presented with carefully chosen views of the stand. The fashions were incorporated within the mountain silhouettes and surrounded by ropes – black ropes symbolising rock and white ones snow. In other displays the ropes form a structural support for the mannequins, underlining the climbing rope connotation in mountaineering.


The enhanced backwall was made of triangular, LED back-lit single components. This not only stands for the brand’s development, it also features the colours of the new collection.


Services: Brand Staging, 3D Design, Visualisation, Design Phases 1-7, Architectural Design Supervision
Size: 210 sqm
Client: Black Yak Co., Ltd.
Location: ISPO, Convention Center Munich
Photos: Luis Kuhn