Black Yak

As in 2017, BLACKYAK also presented its new collection for the coming season in 2018. Light, as a visual element, was introduced the previous year on the rear wall. The mountain silhouette that was then created using black and white ropes was re-interpreted at the ISPO 2018 using LEDs.


Separate sections of the new silhouettes can be controlled individually, enabling new life to be breathed into the stand. This stage-setting embraces the whole stand and, without the use of any other special means, invites visitors and potential customers to get to know and delight in the range of BLACKYAK products. The semi-public, relaxed meeting area is located at the long bar with informal seating.



A private area for meetings is in a black cube. From outside no-one would guess that the collection is displayed here for visitors to choose from.

Services: Brand Staging, 3D Design, Visualisation, Design Phases, Architectural Design Supervision, Graphic, Typography
Size: 230 sqm
Client: Black Yak Co., Ltd.
Location: ISPO, Convention Center Munich
Photos: Simon Vorhammer
Video: Simon Vorhammer / Video editing: Lauro Cress, Julian Dostmann