Graber Gmbh

On the basis of a change and extension to the development plan drawn up by Studio KNACK a new company building for Graber GmbH is to be constructed in Rimsting. The building’s striking cubature is the result of merging the three floors together. This resulted from local planning regulations that require large buildings to be integrated harmoniously within the surrounding development of smaller structures. The building incorporates a generously sized warehouse as well as workshops and an administration wing.

The design incorporates an innovative distribution of work spaces offering employees the possibility of being in a variety of alternative surroundings in addition to their conventional desks. The project is planned to be realised in 2018.



Services: Design Phases 1-5, Redesign of the development plan, 3D Design, Visualisation
Size: 800 sqm
Client: Graber GmbH
Location: Rimsting (Germany)
Photos: Lukas Völker