Haus Jowa

The largely single-storey Haus Jowa is placed near the serviced road to the north of the plot so as to make optimum use of the parcel of land. The building in the form of an elongated rectangle, hides the future garden from the neighbours and the road to the north. The unique location on the edge of the development zone in Tengling offers a view over open countryside that cannot be obstructed by later building.

By using an architectural language typical of the area, the house fits in well within the context of the alpine foothills. The design of the structure ensures that, from all rooms, there are no steps to the outside. The section of the building that is two storeys high includes a music room or study on the upper level, with a view of the Alps, to which the owner can withdraw. To the south the house opens up to the garden. The wide roof overhang creates a sheltered veranda, raised slightly above the level of the garden.The kitchen and veranda form the heart of the house on which family life is focussed.

The house was built largely to passive house standards and meets state-of-the art requirements with regard to sustainability and energy efficiency through the use of cross-laminated timber for the walls and ceilings, natural insulation materials and the installation of an air-to-water heat pump.

Services: Design Phases 1-5, Tender Phase partially
Size: 160 sqm
Client: Private
Location: Tengling (Germany)
Photos: Luis Kuhn