The design is orientated on the typology of the manorial farm to be found in the region around Rimsting. In its modern interpretation it picks up on the spatial qualities of this type of building while focussing primarily on the residential quarters. Planning regulations do not stipulate the need for underground parking and provide for the development of a suburban park, concentrated around the building’s quiet courtyard.
This lies at the heart of the design while also forming a meeting place for the use of all residents.

Each individual section of the building comprises ten flats, allowing space for a wide variety of different residential concepts and lifestyles.
The aim of the design is to accommodate a mixed community, the residents of which can well be of different ages and with different living requirements. It is a place that encourages communication, communal living and learning from one another.

Services: Design Phases 1-5, Redesign of the development plan, 3D Design
Size: 800 sqm
Location: Rimsting (Germany)
Client: Graber GmbH