Residenz Würzburg

Following the renovation of the Würzburg Residence that was completed in December 2016, the state gallery in the north wing was re-opened. This is where works of Venetian painting are displayed: in addition to devotional and history paintings, allegories and portraits, other paintings are also exhibited that allow us to glimpse life in the Venice – the city of festivals and pleasure – that much more closely. Among these is a view that shows the picturesque city on the lagoon as a place fights were fought, namely on the Ponte dei Pugni (Joseph Heintz the Younger, c. 1648). This painting was chosen by Studio KNACK as the graphic element for the exhibition opening.

Corian® was selected as the material for labelling the exponents. Due to its minimal material thickness the diffuse light in the exhibition falls from the side onto the material and produces as white shimmer on the light-grey edge. This effect is similar to the visual impact created by the silk hangings on the back walls. The texts, set by Studio KNACK, were printed using the UV technique on the upper side.

Services: Conception, Layout
Size: 530 sqm
Client: Staatsgalerie Würzburg
Location: Staatsgalerie in der Residenz Würzburg
Photos: Julian Dostmann