San Riemo

The open competition for a cooperative housing complex in the Riem district of Munich questions conventional forms of housing and specifies new ground plan and living concepts in its planning schedule. Apart from different types of flats based on a communal living principle, Studio KNACK’s contribution also allows the use of spaces in and on top of the building by the general public. A meeting place within a purely residential area is therefore created.


In the wording and the choice of building materials attention was paid to ensuring that the use of the building remained flexible and adaptable even after a number of years. Residents should be given the freedom to alter their living space to suit their actual personal needs. While its colour scheme matches its surroundings, the design of the building’s façade is bold and animated.

Services: Concept, Design, 3D Design, Visualisation
Size: 3.500 sqm
Location: Munich-Riem