Studio Pezzetta

Studio Pezzetta is a fashion sales agency based in Munich working for the German, Swiss and Austrian markets. Caroline Pezzetta expanded the business by moving to a 334 m2 space in Thalkirchnerstrasse, previously occupied by a consulate. Initially, the raw state of the interior needed to be exposed. Studio KNACK planned and supervised all the interior work and designed the clothes rails, the order desks (Kinky Series), counters and cubes for the client.

The outcome is a showroom composed of mobile elements and fixed room-in-room solutions which allows it to be adapted to any size and type of collection or event. Office and storage spaces are concealed in the background. The showroom has a foyer with a pearl beige counter exuding a calm and friendly atmosphere. This is followed by a continuation of the counter with cubes which can be positioned individually and used as display spaces.


You then enter a darker area with dark shades that continue from the floor onto the walls in order to accentuate the collections displayed. A mirror cube, 4 x 5 meters, suspended from the sandblasted reinforced concrete ceiling, centrally positioned in keeping with the space’s geometry, forms a highlight.


Services: Architectural Branding, Interior Finish, Design Phases 1-8, 3D Design, Visualisation
Size: 340 sqm
Client: Studio Pezzetta
Location: Munich
Photos: Simon Vorhammer