The Chinese solar cell company Trina Solar has achieved a technical breakthrough. By using a higher amplitude in the microscopic surface layer more energy can be generated, even though the surface area stays the same. This surface enlargement principle formed the basis for the design concept – the hilly microscopic landscape was used to mark the stand’s boundary with steles of different heights.


Due to the technical and industrial character of this industry, metal was used as the main material. The metal had round perforations that can be found in the dot on the ‘i’ of the company’s logo. All design elements used provide the necessary framework for a sophisticated corporate presentation, thus reflecting virtual reality and augmented reality applications.



Services: Brand Staging, 3D Design, Visualisation, Design Phases 1-7, Architectural Design Supervision
Size: 120 sqm
Client: Trinasolar
Location: Intersolar, Convention Center Munich
Photos: Malte Wandel