Haus Baf

The concept corresponds to the owner’s wish for a single-storey house to meet his own and his family’s needs, depending on their age. The east/street-facing front of the U-shaped building is like that of the neighbouring buildings – with a pitched roof and a projecting roof over the main entrance.


In this way, the east-facing side of the house is perfectly integrated in its surroundings despite having only one level. The inner courtyard as part of the garden is a visual expansion of the house itself while transporting the exterior space as well as daylight into the building. By contrast, outwardly, the building is generally introverted.





Services: Design Phases 1-4, 3D Design, Visualisation
Size: 180 sqm
Client: Private
Location: Trostberg (Germany)
Photos: Gunter Bieringer, Lilit Chatschatrian (steel model)