Luigi Snozzi

The architect Luigi Snozzi from Ticino is one of the most distinguished figures in the field of building culture. Aphorisms are central to his teachings. During his first period as a lecturer at the ETH Zurich (1973–1975) he used these as guiding principles for his students.

In this book, these aphorisms were published for the first time with the relevant illustrations. They have been taken from ‘UNSER ARCHITEKTONISCHES BREVIER’, the oldest document with aphorisms from the Studio Snozzi in Locarno. Snozzi’s theoretical fragments are not sets of rules but aim instead to encourage thinking about people and architecture by posing crucial questions about architecture.

Services: Conception, Typography
Client: Stiftungsbibliothek Werner Oechslin
Publisher: Schwabe Verlag, Basel
Photos: Lilit Chatschatrian