30. October 2018



The law firm KSPP has been located in the heart of munich for years. Beginning of the year they had the chance to expand their office in the same building. Our mutual ambition was to create a open, clean and light office with a representative character.

The centre of the office is defined by the kitchen, which, depending on the requirement, can either be used as a kitchenette or, with just an easy pull, be turned into a generous reception area. Through the kitchen and a secret door the offices can be accessed. The eyecatcher on the other side of the kitchen is a large glass door which leads into the meeting area. The modular tables in the meeting room allow the lawyers to be as flexible as possible when it comes to consulting clients, giving seminars and holding workshops.
Due to the same direction of the hardwood floor, the balcony connects visibly to the meeting room and invites for a sundowner at the end of a work day.

Services: Design Phases 1-8, 3D Design, Visualisation
Size: 103 sqm
Client: KSPP Rechtsanwälte
Photos: Simon Vorhammer

16. May 2018



The shop for the brand Ego Movement is the progression of the design at the fair stand we did at Eurobike Friedrichshafen 2017. Stuttgart is the pilot project for the interior brand concept, which will be applied to every other upcoming Ego Movement Shop.

The clear spatial and visual separation between service and sales is the main goal. The black „insertion“ at the back end of the store serves as the background that helps emphasizing the illuminated logo of the company. Modular, backlit and perforated walls with display boards made of maritime pine serve flexible product placement.

Not only the bikes can hung anywhere but also other accossories fort he stylish e-bike rider, such as helmets, backpacks and drinking bottles.
At night, the entire store appears to be a wide shopping window.


Services: Brand Consulting, Design Strategy, Product Presentation, Display Design, Design Phases 1-8, 3D Design, Visualisation
Size: 50 sqm
Client: The Go AG
Photos: Boo Yeah

8. March 2018


Black Yak

As in 2017, BLACKYAK also presented its new collection for the coming season in 2018. Light, as a visual element, was introduced the previous year on the rear wall. The mountain silhouette that was then created using black and white ropes was re-interpreted at the ISPO 2018 using LEDs.


Separate sections of the new silhouettes can be controlled individually, enabling new life to be breathed into the stand. This stage-setting embraces the whole stand and, without the use of any other special means, invites visitors and potential customers to get to know and delight in the range of BLACKYAK products. The semi-public, relaxed meeting area is located at the long bar with informal seating.



A private area for meetings is in a black cube. From outside no-one would guess that the collection is displayed here for visitors to choose from.

Services: Brand Staging, 3D Design, Visualisation, Design Phases, Architectural Design Supervision, Graphic, Typography
Size: 230 sqm
Client: Black Yak Co., Ltd.
Location: ISPO, Convention Center Munich
Photos: Simon Vorhammer
Video: Simon Vorhammer / Video editing: Lauro Cress, Julian Dostmann

6. March 2018



A competition from YAC (Young Architects Competitions)
It was a unique opportunity to think about what solitude and isolation represent to the human being and, at the same time, how to intervene in an architectural landmark full of history – the Fortress.

From the beginning we were looking for the great idea. The one that could – with one single gesture – provide a new atmosphere of the place. This gesture was the placement of a slab between the mountain and the fortress, this way, confining all the spaces in a new organism.

This pure geometric volume contrasts with the irregular shape of the fortress, as if it was a podium for a sculpture – it’s only purpose is to give conditions for inhabitation. The architecture ceases to exist.

The only way up the fortress is an old path that was left untouched in accordance with the idea of minimal intervention on the landscape. Therefore, it is up to the invited artists to rethink the notion of landscape and introduce a link between past and present, Nature and Art.




A competition from YAC (Young Architects Competitions)
Services: Concept & Design, 3D Design, Visualisation
Size: 2.700 sqm
Location: Favignana (Sicily)

5. March 2018



The European Civil Protection and Humanitarian Aid Operations, ECHO for short, is directly responsible to the European Union. To make people more aware of the fact that the European Union plans, coordiantes and carries out humanitarian aid worldwide, the European Commission came up with the idea for a roadshow pavilion.

This pavilion is to inform visitors in six major European cities (Vilnius, Bucharest, Berlin, Rome, Marseille and Madrid) how the aid organisation functions or, more precisely, how the headquarters in Brussels operates and identifies, plans and executes an assignment in regions around the world in need of help. Studio KNACK was commissioned to draw up a concept for the external appearance of the pavilion for the presentation that gives an insight into ECHO’s work and modus operandi. Responsible for the communication campaign of DG ECHO, “EU saves lifes” was the mc Group, which was also Studio KNACK´s contractee.

Through the state-of-the-art virtual reality presentation visitors are transported into another world on a 5-minute tour. After putting on a headset the pavilion area is seen at first; a few seconds later all of the pavilions side walls fold outwards ‘virtually’ onto the ground. The surroundings are no longer that of the pavilion but the virtual scene in a trouble spot – such as, in this case, a refugee camp in Bangladesh.

The design elements of the pavilion with its prescribed width of 4 metres, a length of 10 metres and a height of 2.5 metres, comprise multiplex and translucent cellular polycarbonate panels. The idea behind the design is to awake the interest of passers-by through the light and shadows visible from outside.



Services: 3D Design, Visualisation, Design Phases 1-7, Architectural Design Supervision
Size: 40 sqm
Contractee: mc Group
Location: Vilnius, Bucarest, Berlin, Rome, Marseille, Madrid
Photos: Julian Dostmann

4. March 2018


Haus Jowa

The largely single-storey Haus Jowa is placed near the serviced road to the north of the plot so as to make optimum use of the parcel of land. The building in the form of an elongated rectangle, hides the future garden from the neighbours and the road to the north. The unique location on the edge of the development zone in Tengling offers a view over open countryside that cannot be obstructed by later building.

By using an architectural language typical of the area, the house fits in well within the context of the alpine foothills. The design of the structure ensures that, from all rooms, there are no steps to the outside. The section of the building that is two storeys high includes a music room or study on the upper level, with a view of the Alps, to which the owner can withdraw. To the south the house opens up to the garden. The wide roof overhang creates a sheltered veranda, raised slightly above the level of the garden.The kitchen and veranda form the heart of the house on which family life is focussed.

The house was built largely to passive house standards and meets state-of-the art requirements with regard to sustainability and energy efficiency through the use of cross-laminated timber for the walls and ceilings, natural insulation materials and the installation of an air-to-water heat pump.

Services: Design Phases 1-5, Tender Phase partially
Size: 160 sqm
Client: Private
Location: Tengling (Germany)
Photos: Luis Kuhn

3. March 2018